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Welcome to Savanti

Savanti is a privatly held real estate investment, management and consultancy firm. We chiefly invest in properties for the small to medium sized business and enterprise markets in high profile commercial locations such as shopping districts, office areas and multi destination facilities. Our unique rental units ensure your business enjoys high visibility, easy access and trouble free leases. Major metropolitan areas are our specialty:

  • Antwerp
  • Brussels
  • Ghent
  • Bruges
  • Hasselt
  • Turnhout
  • Mechelen
  • and many more
We also offer our unique capital liberation solution, allowing corporations to outsource their real estate woes and recover capital locked down in their real estate portfolio for use in their core business. We take your real estate investments of your balance sheet and lease it back to you with a customizable level of operational support.

Our team of consultants specializes in securing key business real estate in challenging locations for our clients. We are not real estate agents and as such provide guaranteed neutrality and objectiveness.

Contact our sales team for more information.